One of 10 Dallas artists to watch in 2018”
It has been more than 20 minutes that I’ve been listening to this song and I honestly had to just come out of the trance that M’Lynn has put me in so I could write this post." “The soulful ‘T.F.I.L’ is my new favorite track and M’Lynn is my new favorite artist. ”

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M’Lynn is indeed, M’Lynn Musgrove. And her transformative vocals and delicious musical affection, dowses every part of your body with warmth and feelings of power. The power of love, that is, and it pushes the boundaries of ballads and r&b/pop to clarity…a self induced decadence in clarity. By closing your eyes, ‘T.F.I.L’ takes you out to the sea of the bubbling riots of your soul, as the Dallas Texas based artist re-adjusts your knowledge of what reality can be. As she keeps writing and performing, even through her current days in college, it’s expected that her growth and expanse of her musical talents will surpass her own horizons. Things for her have just begun.”

M’Lynn is a Dallas, Texas vocalist, pianist and songwriting that has been writing and performing her own music since she was twelve. A graduate of Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual and Performing Arts in Dallas and now attending the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami. In her pursuit, M’Lynn’s writing and performing is polishing her into an accomplished Soul-Pop artist. She has attended summer programs such as: Berklee College of Music 5-week program, Grammy Camp, and UNT Jazz Vocal intensive. In 2017, M’Lynn was named a merit young arts winner under the singer songwriter category. M’Lynn’s frequent gigs around Dallas scored her an introduction with amazing Dallas Producers, Josh Goode and Bradly Prakope. The result was a five song EP, Grounding, released in early 2018. M’Lynn is now releasing her first single of 2019 titled, “T.F.I.L.” M’Lynn’s style of Soul-Pop has a beautiful influence of today’s R&B with yesterday’s soul. M’Lynn’s technique is as solid, as her songwriting. There is plenty of hip sounds in “T.F.I.L” to keep you interested as each section brings sonic discoveries and surprises. M’Lynn has certainly been paying attention through her many adventures in music, academia and the real world of music. Her sound is a solid blend of technique with real world soul. T.F.I.L.has a song form that is creative, easy to follow and presents the melodies in imaginative ways. Set to a soulful Soul-Pop beat, the influences of R&B can be heard in the music. M’Lynn’s phrasing and embellishment of melodies also have a strong R&B, jazz and soul influence. The lyrics are relatable and conveyed with feeling. The track has different feels, a catch chorus and excellent singing by M’Lynn. A solid track from a blossoming artist. That’s the short of it! By Adorjan Horvat ”

Short Cuts: The Best Songs Heard On January 7, 2018 From The Indie World--M’Lynn:'Grounding'. Growing up in a family surrounded with music, it’s no surprise M’Lynn has been named one of 10 Dallas artists to watch in 2018. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to sing like this? I mean, really. If you were to catch her live, your mouth would be open the entire set, wondering how much talent can one person actually have? She might have more significant work later on in her career, but there’s a lot of grace and charm and sheer beauty right here, right now. Absolutely one to watch, you got it right, Dallas.”

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From Dallas, Texas, singer-songwriter M’Lynn is one to watch. New track 'Tomorrow' is a delicate, acoustic jazz affair. It showcases M’Lynn’s beautiful voice. It’s a song of heartbreak expertly told. M’Lynn is clearly no stranger to the blues and the feeling comes across loud and clear. Currently at university studying the music business M’Lynn has a bright future ahead of her. We suspect it won’t be long before she’s a household name over here. Check out Tomorrow below.”

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